Data breach forces Google to shut down Google Plus?

So many famous websites data is leaked or hacked but they donot shut down their services. But one thing that I donot understand is that  what has happened behing the scenes that led google to shut down google + after a data breach of 500,000 accounts. Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media services were alos hacked but are never shut down. 
It is also important to note that google + is not google's first social media service that is shutting down? Orkut before was also from google which was also very popular and was shut down. Google + is the google's 12 service/product that is shutting down. While on the other hand google is largest query collector for the internet from the search engine. 

So why is a company like Google is shutting down there very popular service?

abdulraheem Google 10/9/2018 7:20:14 PM 159 Times