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What I am looking for is people who maybe have read the 3 short stories I mentioned and could possibly guide me in answering SOME of these question or at least giving me some guidance to answering these. Obviously if you could you could answer some that would be great. 

- The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

- Story of an Hour

- The Things They Carried



Commas. Type 5 sentences that tell me about the plot and/or characters of any of the assigned stories. Each sentence should feature ONE of the eight comma rules that were presented in Course Materials. You must get the sentence correct AND name the rule with the name that I used for it.

Story you selected:

1. Sentence:

Name of Rule:

2. Sentence:

Name of Rule:

3. Sentence:

Name of Rule:

4. Sentence:

Name of Rule:

5. Sentence:

Name of Rule:



Choose a different assigned reading. In a short paragraph ( 4-5 lines) describe how you would write a paper about that topic from one of the ‘critical lenses’ we read about. ( Reader Response, Gendered, New Critical, etc.). In the first sentence, mention both the story title AND the lens you are discussing. If you had to develop an entire 500-700 word essay using just that lens, what kinds of things would your paper explore? Each paragraph worth 5 pts:

Keep the same story, choose a different lens. Compose another 4-5 line paragraph as described above:


Identify two symbols in the assigned readings. List the story, the item, and explain in a sentence or two what you think that symbol represents.



Identify an example of IRONY in one of the assigned readings. List the story and explain what is ironic.


Identify 2 examples of ‘figurative language’ ( similes, metaphors, or personification) in The Story of an Hour.Provide the phrase or complete sentence in quotation marks and tell me which type of figurative language it is.

Example 1:

Example 2:



1. What is the name of the lieutenant in The Things They Carried:

2. What does he carry in his mouth:

3. Who tells the story of The Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong:

4. What kind of necklace does Mary Anne wear:

5. What is the dark secret in Omelas:


Imagine that you must write a point-by-point compare and contrast essay about TWO of the readings. Your thesis should present an argument/opinion about the THEME/MESSAGE one or more of the authors were attempting to convey in the stories (you can compare/contrast two O’Brien stories).

You are NOT actually writing the essay!

Instead, write the THESIS of that essay. Make sure your thesis mentions both subjects ( the stories) and the POINTS OF COMPARISON/CONTRAST you would use, and THEN provide THREE QUOTES that you would use to support the points. Just one quote for each point. Quote the stories, of course….no other outside research. INTRODUCE all quotes and CITE with MLA in-text citations.


Point 1 Supporting quote:

Point 2 Supporting quote:

Point 3 Supporting quote:

Example: Though both Ursula Le Guin (Omelas) and Kate Chopin (Story of an Hour) were criticizing society in their works, Chopin’s work stands out when a reader examines setting, figurative language, and the powerful use of irony in this short work.

Point 1: We learn that Omelas is an idyllic place where “quote” (citation).

Point 2: Phrases like “quote” and “quote” show just how much Mrs. Mallard is coming to life (citation).

Point 3: The cruelest irony is revealed when “quote” (citation).

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