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The Game Behind Syrian War: Who Is The Big Player

Will Syrian War Ever End? Who Will Be The Winner?

450,000 people have been brutally murdered, over a million severely injured and more than 12 million have been forced to leave their home and settle in a foreign land. That’s the summary of the Syrian war which has been going on for last five years.

After getting inspired from Arab spring that resulted in the termination of Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Syrians also protested against the unjust rule of President Bashar al-Assad.

The Syrian government didn’t hold back and killed many demonstrators and imprisoned hundreds of people. This led to the formation of Free Syrian Army, a bunch of rebels, with the goal of ending the government rule.

The Regional Involvement

The civil war in Syria soon attracted regional attention and neighboring countries started to support government or rebels based on their vested interests. Pro-government supporters were Iran, Iraq, and Hezbollah (based in Lebanon). They all were Shia majority regions and favored Assad’s rule and government because of his association to Alawite sect. Whereas, the anti-Assad and pro-rebels support included Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. These countries were all Sunni majority and so was Syrian population. So the regional support was based entirely on the sectarian split between Shia and Sunni.

The International Players

One of the reasons Syrian war has been going on for so long is the foreign funding and involvement. The US-led coalition force has bombed ISIS and other rebel groups since 2014. The US is mainly tilted towards the rebels fighting against the government. Whereas, Russia also bombed parts of Syria to eliminate the terrorist groups, mainly ISIS. However, it also killed the rebels backed by western states. Russia is openly working to enhance Assad’s defense.

Who Is Winning The War?

According to the current standing, the government has power in the Aleppo, Damascus, Deir Az Zor, some parts of Southern Syria, and the area near Syrian-Lebanese border. The rest of the country belongs to different groups of rebels, including ISIS and Kurdish forces.

Now the rebel groups are fighting among themselves to establish power in different areas of Syria. The Islamist groups like al-Nusra Front (affiliated to al-Qaeda) have gained more power whereas the Free Syrian Army has weakened during the war years. Meanwhile, Kurdish groups in Syria are fighting for self-rule which has threatened Turkey as the Kurds there might as well fight for independence.

The One Big Target of the Syrian War

The Syrian war started with a different agenda but after five years, it feels like the civil unrest had one major target in mind – the people of Syria. Most of the Syrian population has migrated to Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan. Many are trying to move to Europe for better life prospect.

There will be no winners in Syrian war – only losers. However, the adversely affected parties are the Syrian people who lost everything with no hope of future in sight. A generation has been tortured and scarred for life at the helm of a war that sees no end.