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Top 10 powerful militaries in the world

Militaries are the major part of any country’s’ security. In today’s world many militaries are allied. The real way to judge any military strength is an all-out-fight but Global Firepower ranks the world’s best militaries on over 50 factors including army budget, active units, tanks, aircrafts, submarines and aircraft carriers on 6/4/2017. Total 127 countries are included in GFP database.  So here are the top 10 world’s strongest militaries in the world of 2017, in which United States of America has the best equipped military.

1-United States of America

The United States of America spends $581 billion on the military, which is more than the other nine countries combined military budget. US have the largest army of 2.5 million active and reserved soldiers. US army is the world leader in aircraft production with a 19 aircraft carriers which are more than the other aircraft carriers sum up of 12 countries.

US army have 1, 934 self-propelled guns, 41, 062 armored fighting vehicles and 115 navel strength. United States army is the world no.1 force since the 2nd world war. US force also known as the police of the world for good reason.

2- Russia

Russia has the 2nd most powerful military in the world. With the constant development of large and small equipment’s Russia is on top of the list on manufacturing some of the world strongest powerful weapons in the world.

 Russia has $4.6 billion defense budget and it is expected that budget increase 44% in coming three years. Russia has more than 4 million active personnel and reserved soldiers, 31, 298 armored fighting vehicles and have 5, 972 self-propelled guns which are more than the US army. Russia with 15, 398 tanks is the world largest tank force in the world.

3- China

The Chinese military is the 3rd strongest military in the world. The defense budget of military is $155.6 billion which shows the economic strength of the country. China has the largest army in the world with 2.285 active personnel and 2.3 million reserved soldiers. China army has 25000 land vehicles and 2942 aircrafts in its air force. Now China is among the top three armored forces.

4- India

The world’s 2nd most populated country India is the fourth powerful military in the world. India’s defense budget stands at $40 billion. India has the 2nd largest army in the world with 3.5 million total size including 1.325 million active military. The man force of army is 16, 000 land vehicles, 2, 086 aircrafts and 6, 464 tanks. Indian army has 6, 704 armored fighting vehicles for defense.

5- France

France has powerful military because it has the 2nd largest force in the EU and the 3rd largest nuclear arsenal and 10th largest budget for its worldwide makes it the powerful force. The military budget stands at $35 billion. France has 400, 770 active personnel military and 1, 282 aircrafts and 9000 ground vehicles. France has one of the famous best armed forces in the world.

6- The United Kingdom

The land of United Kingdom where sun never set has the 6th best military in the world. Recently United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Earlier United Kingdom has equal military to the France. Military budget stands at$55 billion. United Kingdom has the most funded military in the world. United Kingdom owns 332, 000 active personnel, 5, 948 armored fighting vehicles and 879 aircrafts. Every year 750, 000 people reach to military age.

7- Japan

Japan has leading force in 2nd world war. Japan is the land of samurais. Japan is the 2nd Asian country which has 307, 900 active personnel and with 54, 000, 000 available human resources, it ranked at seventh number.

 Japan army budget stands at $40.3 million. Japan has 44, 000, 000 army members which are fit for service.  It has 2, 850 armored fighting vehicles which are less than other world largest armies in the world. Japan has 1, 590 aircrafts which make it 5th largest army in the world. Japan army has 131 war ships and it is a powerful military in Asia.

8- Turkey 

Turkey Defense budget stands at $18.2 billion. Turkey army has the latest and modern equipment. With 41, 640, 000 human resources, turkey is the 8th powerful military in the world. Turkey has 35, 010, 000 population which are fit for service. Turkey has 596, 130 active personnel and 1, 007 aircrafts. With 7, 550 armored fighting vehicles turkey well developed Asian country.

9- Germany

Germany’s total 29, 540, 000 manpower are fit for service. Germany is the ninth powerful military on the planet. Germany current active personnel are 325, 000 and Germany tries to increase their army strength. Germany is a well-funded country and total Germany army budget is $36.3 billion. Germany has 5, 869 armored fighting vehicles and 676 tanks. But Germany has 676 aircrafts.

10- Italy

Italy is the 10th strongest army in the world according to new update of Global firepower ranks. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries and Approximately Italy has half population fit for service. Italy has 362, 000 active personnel, 785 aircrafts and 6, 972 armored fighting vehicles. Italy military budget stands at $34 billion.