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10 weird festivals in the world

Every culture has its different kinds of celebrations from birthday to happy New Year. But few things like eating, drinking, dancing are common in celebrations of most parts of the world. It’s said that there is someone for everyone, and may be same said about festivals.  

If you want to have a great time and you are a crazy, wacky by nature then you must check out these 10 weird festivals in the world. You wouldn’t imagine what people do for fun. Here, below is the some bizarre festivals list you will probably ever see.

1. near Death Festival (Las Nieves, Spain)

In the quaint little town of Las Nieves, Spain, on 29th of the July a very strange festival takes place every year. People attend this festival in honor of Saint Marta de Ribarteme, the Patron saint of resurrection.

In this festival if anyone had near death experience jumps into coffin and people take him to the church Santa Marta De Ribarteme. You no need to get shocked or surprised because they not dead, they are alive in coffin just pretend to act like dead and showing their thankfulness.

Near deatah

2. Holi: the Festival of Colors (India)

It’s a popular Hindu spring festival also called the festival of colors observed in India, Nepal and Guyana. On Dhulhendi day people spend their whole day by throwing different colors water and colors powder at each other.

The traditional colors made from Neem, Kumkum, Haldi, Bilva, and other medicinal herbs. Well throwing colored powder at each other feels better than mud and tomatoes.  If you like this kind of strikes, you must visit India in spring season and yours day end up with pretty cool tie-dye shirt. 


3. La Tomatina (Spain)

In late august, Tomatina which is also described as the world’s largest tomato fight happen in Spanish town of Bunyol  where people pelt each other with 250 lbs. of tomatoes. Teenagers use nearby vegetables stalls tomatoes and whole town convert into tomatoes street fight.

More than 30, 000 visitors visit Tomatina festival ever year. About for 1 hour whole town covered in tomatoes. Rules are defined for festival from becoming more dangerous brawl.


4. The Kanamara Marsuti Japanese Festival

It’s a Japanese festival occurred on first Sunday of April every year in Kawasaki town of japan. People of Kawasaki town take part in this festival. The central theme of the event is Penis made by candles, candy, vegetables.

Japanese Local penis-venerating shrine among prostitutes, who wished to pray for protection from sexually transmitted disease, so, Japanese are pray and hoping to safeguard themselves from different diseases like AIDS and HIV. It is said that there are also divine protections for the clan’s prosperity, married-couple harmony and for easy delivery and, marriage, and business prosperity.

Kanamara Marsuti

5. Pamplona Bull Run (Pamplona, Spain)

Pamplona Bull run is actually the part of Fiesta San Fermin which takes place on 6th July until 14th July in Pamplona, Spain, every year. I bet you’re thinking it can’t be that bad when you run through the streets with some angry bulls chases you, hungry to do some goring.

Group of angry bulls are chasing the men down the streets for over 800m. This Pamplona Bull run tradition begins from 1910. When first time this festival started, 15 peoples were killed and more than 300 injured. If you want to participate in Pamplona Bull Run then you must be sober and at least 18 years.   

Bull Run

6. El Colacho Festival (Castrillo de Murcia, Spain)

Spain’s most well-known baby jumping festival which takes place in June in province of Burgos every year since 1621. It’s really hard to explain the feelings when a man dresses up like Evil and jump over the new born babies of last 12 months which lie on the mattresses in the street.

The main goal of the festival is to cleanse the babies which born from original sin and preserve them against evil spirit and illness. It’s really crazy to jump like that over babies, if this happened outside the festival then social services and child welfare would surely be called.

7. Cheese Rolling Festival (England)

Cheese rolling is really dangerous festival can be observed in Gloucester, England. Hundreds of people come to Cooper’s Hill to watch the participants of the festival who are chasing the 7-pounded wheel of cheese which rolling downside to a couple hundred yards. Even police wants to ban the event but participants refused it. Who firstly finish the cross bottom line, wins the wheel of cheese.


8. The fun-filled Thai Boryeong Mud Festival

Since 1998, in Boryeong a town around 200 km south of Seoul, South Korea Thai mud festival has been taking place during the summer. This mud festival started in 1998 and in 2007 about 2.2 million people attend this festival. The mud of the Boryeong beach has beautifying properties and beach mud has many minerals and mud flats. Boryeong beach mud is used in the manufacturing of a line of cosmetics.


9. Roswell UFO Festival (USA)

Roswell celebrates the anniversary of The Roswell incident. Roswell UFO festival, also known as Roswell, was crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in June or July 1947. Roswell was actually alien’s spacecraft. Roswell air army recovered a flying disk from the scene. Alien’s authors and experts give conference on this day and there is also an annual parade. All visitors dress up alien-like costumes. The peoples who have no believe on aliens also welcome on festival.

Roswell UFO Festival


10. Argungu Fishing Festival

Argungu is a four day festival. Every year in The State of Kebbi, in the North-western part of Northern Nigeria, all the local men compete to see who can pull the largest fish out of the river using nothing but their bare hands. The majority of the participants are Muslims. Ladies take note, the winner is supposed to be a real catch. The main purpose of the festival is for unity and fishing.