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5 Best Drinks To Stay Fresh In Summers

Its the time of summer season and we are absolutely thrilled! The blazing heat of summer can bring certain unfortunate changes in our body such as making us feel dehydrated, fatigued, sweaty, and thirsty. This certainly initiates us to drink more and more plenty of water. In summers we usually try drinking some refreshing drinks that can make us feel cool. According to several nutritionists, you should drink certain homemade drinks that can help you to beat the heat this summer.

In order to stay hydrated and healthy this summer, you need to try out these easy summer drink to make at home. For the people who live in Countries that have hot temperature should definitely try out some of these amazing drinks that could be made in no time. These drinks not only help you beat the heat in hot season but also helps you to digest food, provides high nutritional value and keep you cool and fit throughout the day.

5 easy summer drinks to make at home refreshing drinks to beat the scorching heat.

1- Saunf (Fennel Seeds) Sharbat


This beverage is amazing as it is popular in many Asian countries and is enjoyed by people. This drink is made by using fennel seeds along with mushrik to add sweetness to it. Furthermore, add some cloves and cardamom with it along with lemon juice and black salt and you are ready to drink it. There are many health benefits that are provided by this drink such as coolant digestion and relieves bloating, gas, and abdominal cramps. Other than this he drinks also provides nutritional facts such as it provides a good source of potassium to your body, antioxidants, and dietary fiber.

2- Buttermilk (Chaas)


Buttermilk is an extremely tasty drink that is also known as chaas. This drink is a curd-based drink that is undoubtedly the favorite drink among many. This drink is also a good option for the digestive system. This drink is made by incorporating curd with milk and zeera that enhances and provide great benefits to your body.

3- Coconut Water


What could be better than a chilled glass of coconut water that can instantly cheer you up? Coconut water provides mild sweetness and refreshes you while keeping you hydrated in summer. This water also makes a great electrolyte thus making you feel dehydrated all the time.

4- Sugarcane Juice


Sugarcane juice is the best drink for summers as it provides a natural remedy that was being used to treat lots of problems. This drink is essential in summers as it builds up plasma and body fluids and this helps you counter dullness and dehydration. You can also add mint leaves to the drink that will enhance the taste of the drink.

5- Barley Water


Barley water is an awesome drink that is being consumed in summers. All you need is waster add salt, a dash of honey and lemon mix all things together and enjoy the drink.