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Why You Must Read A Brief History Of Time by Stephen Hawking

Raise your hands if the night sky has captivated you every time you look at it. What lies beyond our milky way? How many galaxies are there anyways? Is there really no way out of a black hole? When did time begin? Can you make time go backward? What was before the universe was created? I am lost already in the mystery of the universe!

You don’t need to be some legendary cosmologist, astrophysicist or a prodigy to want to know and understand all these. All you need to do is listen to your inner child and let the sky ignite your curiosity. Thanks to Hawking’s record-breaking best-seller. Don’t shrug off the idea of reading a book about the cosmos and astrophysics just yet, the book isn’t cramped up with complex mathematical equations and complicated physical phenomenon as you imagined. The book is easy to understand even with people having absolutely no technical background!

Here are a few reasons why I loved the book, and so will you!

1. The book is easy to follow


Yes, I was intimidated by the idea of digging in a book about cosmology at first. But the minute you start it, you’d want to go on further. Hawking has a very simple writing style with his sense of humor keeping it even lighter. There is absolutely one equation in the entire book and that is the Einstein’s famous E=Mc2. There are even fun illustrations to make you understand better!

2. It has a history about how we came to understand and picture the universe as we do in the present.


It isn’t just our technically equipped generation curious about the world and the cosmos. How did the mankind conclude and finally accept (well, most of us) that the planet earth isn’t flat, but spherical! Some of the famous legendary philosopher’s ideas are also discussed like Aristotle’s and St Augustine's and several more.

3. Centre of the universe


The book explains how everything can be a center of our universe. Rejoice you narcissist person, Science has your back!

4. You’ll only end up being wiser


Isn’t it cool, you’ll know about so much science-y stuff? You’ll have a strong hold on so many scientific phenomena including gravity and theory of relativity without having any prior knowledge of them. Also, you’ll learn about works of legendary people like Nicolas Copernicus, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei, Edwin Hubble to name a few.

5. Inspiration


I doubt if anyone has ever known about Stephen Hawking and not been inspired by him. Reading this book is like listening to Stephen Hawking himself. Despite having a motor neuron disease leaving him completely disabled, he lived a normal life, Let his inner child keep wondering about the universe and made legendary contributions to the world of science. He even explains that there’s a way to get out of even a black hole! If that isn’t motivating enough, what is?

Here are two inspirational videos from Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking that’ll make you want to know more about the universe.

Now go grab your copies of a “Brief History of Time” and you can thank me later!