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Ramadan Around The World

Muslims all around the world are more than billion that has already begun celebrating Ramadan. Every single year the Muslims observe fast on the start of the lunar month. Ramadan is not particular to only one country or one nation but it is something that is more than a fasting period and is rooted in Muslims faith, culture, and history. Ramadan is the time when Muslims celebrate it in a unique way and is passed through generations. Following are some of the Ramadan in videos that depict how Muslims celebrate Ramadan around the world.



In Indonesia, there is a tradition of purifying called as Padusan that is a treatment in which Muslims plunge themselves in springs, soaks their bodies from head to toe. This testament (Padusan) is observed specifically that is an integral part of the Holy month in Indonesia.


A tradition is celebrated in Iraq during Ramadan which is known as the game of mheibes. This game is played by the man that involves around 40 to 250 players. This game in Iraq depicts the profound cultural and historical value that is really popular in recent times and will continue to forward the traditions to coming generations.

Special Mentions:

Muslims In Syria During Ramadan;

Syria is country which was known for its rich traditions, and culture especially in Ramadan as it used to be a time of great anticipation and joy for the families living in Syria. However, this Ramadan would be a difficult phase for the civilian Muslims living in Syria that is struggling to survive.

A Time For Family:

Syrian used to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan when families used to gather together in order to share traditional Syrian food throughout Ramadan. The iftar meals of Syrians usually consist of soups and different salads of many kinds, varied meat dishes, fatoush soup, special Ramadan bread, fruit and traditional desserts.

Nowadays, so many Muslim Syrians have been killed around half of the population were forced to leave their home and has been broken apart. The strong and close-knit communities are shattered now, Syrians are quite scared to be hospitable or they simply don’t have enough meal to share.

A Time For Shopping And Feasting:

Before the conflict Syrian used to spend hours in the market to buy the groceries for the entire month of Ramadan. They used to make nutritious and healthy iftar meals that were being shared among friends, relatives, and neighbors they all remain together and stand tall during Ramadan.

Muslims In China During Ramadan:

Muslims all around China is estimated about 20 million of various ethnicities including some foreign residents. Muslims in China has been given full privilege by the authorities to fast or follow their religious activities according to relevant regulations. A mosque in China named as Huxi mosque that is situated in Shanghai where the Muslims worship. The Muslims strength is so massive that the mosque is unable to accommodate and people worship outside the mosque on praying mats.

In order to make sure about the security of the people, police and security forces are stationed. In the month of Ramadan, the authorities especially close the streets around the mosque remain close to making way for the local Muslim community and half of the remain open for the traffic. In Beijing, there is the oldest mosque in the city that is known as Niujie mosque that was founded by an Arab Scholar in 966 AD.