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How To Smell Good In Summer Summer 101

Its that time of the year when we have officially reached summer. Every season has its own charm but in summers people eventually get sweated and feels unpleasant smells all around. You need to keep yourself fresh and vibrant during summers by trying out some super and amazing hacks. The major issue in summers that are faced by individuals is sweating smell problems that appear on your clothing items and lefts sweat strains. Therefore you guys literally need to make a change in your summer wardrobe and filter it out and start to prefer wearing lighter and breathable fabrics.

In this summer season, the temperature rises and there are stuffy offices, hot sticky cars, hell-like scenarios that go on and on. The temperature is rising day by day that literally melts everything and anything that creates an unpleasant smell. We all know that body odor is something natural that initiates due to high temperature. The good thing is that we can prevent them and still smell good by using good scents and some hacks that will maintain the fresh hygiene as a priority this season.

People usually ask how to smell good in summers? The answer is to minimize wearing certain accessories in summers that could bog you down. Try wearing less because over-accessorizing may eventually bring you to sweat more and that will definitely not let you smell best that is tragic but true. You might be wondering if the other ways to stay fresh all summer long.

Following are some of the hacks that will literally help you to avoid sweating smell problems and their solutions

1- Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize


Skin moisturization is an important part of this summer the reason behind this is a moisturized skin retains fragrances better than a dry skin. While heading towards summer always try using a lightweight and a non-scented moisturizer that will help your signature scent to stick.

2- Deodorize Your Shoes


Nobody on this earth wants to wear smelly shoes. Usually in summer's shoes creates an unwanted foot odor therefore in order to avoid them use a baking soda or baby powder in your shoes that will help to absorb excess moisture and oil while leaving a fresh scent.

3- Discover The Power Of Tea Bags


When it comes to having a fresher smelling fabrics tea bags is the best option. You can place tea bags throughout your closet, cabinets, and even in your shoes for a fresher smelling fabric.

4- Layer Your Scents


Scent scent scent it away!! Now you need to incorporate your favorite perfume you love. Try to make a routine out of it such as using an entire beauty routine body wash, shower gets, body lotion, deodorant, and perfumes in order to lock in the scent.

5- Travel With Dryer Sheets


If you are planning a trip in summers then don’t forget to add a few dryer sheets in your luggage. This is an important aspect while you are traveling these dryer sheets are absolutely amazing for masking out the unwanted smell and help to keep even the soiled clothes to smell their best.

6- Get Sweet Smelling Hair


Sweat does not only affect your skin and body but it also leaves your hair smelling bad. Therefore we recommend you to spray your favorite perfume on your hairbrush and then brush through your hair with the help of that brush.

7- Keep Baby Wipes On Hand


Always keep cleansing wipes in your hand. By having this you can banish any sweat or oil buildup by using this amazing wipe and it will leave you to feel refreshing on your skin while washing away bacteria and dirt.

8- Hydrate Your Body


It is essential and always recommended for you to keep your body hydrated that will help your cool down and avoid excessive sweating. In order to stay healthy in the sun and avoid unpleased smells, it is important to drink plenty of water.