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Fashion: The History

As we all know that New York Fashion Week is always exciting and creates buzz. It’s a wonderful experience to see people all around the world who cherishes and gather together for fashion.

Fashion certainly makes you realize how important fashion is. Do you know what do we do first when we wake up early in the morning? It’s the decision to decide what to wear. Clothes are the essential part of our lives. From going out for dinner or attending wedding parties all what we think about is fashion, fashion helps us to tell our story throughout the day.


#Fashion has always been a key to how women have presented themselves to the world, and how society has wanted to present women to the world. From panniers that emphasized wide hips to shoulder pads that emphasized "power," the fashion of the time tells our history in great detail.

Whether it’s a fashion week or only fashion makers we always look back at the history of women’s fashion. Fashion started before the French Revolution made up to the modern century.

Fashion differs according to the culture and traditions and varies from country to country. If we talk about wedding fashion in western and eastern countries both are different. Western wedding and eastern weddings both are way different from each other.

Fashion by the years has preceded the French Revolution which was being characterized by great abundance, intricacy, and elaboration in clothing designs.

In the mid-18th century, the fashion-forward shoes had high, curved heels which were usually made of leather or fabric along with separate shoe buckles. These shoes were known as “Louis Heel”. As a matter of fact the height of heels used to be an indicator for the economy. The higher the heels, the wealthier the nation would be.


Following are some of the French Revolution which were associated with the aristocracy or decadence of the fashion previously worn by the certain aristocracy.

The 19th Century, high-waisted dresses became the trend in vogue. Especially “Empire Style” was made famous by French Emperor Napoleon’s wife named Josephine Bonaparte. The empire dresses were usually high-waisted with a gathered skirt which was long and loosely fitting but certainly skims the body.


Starting from 1810 to 1820, the dresses usually become more structured with hems and padded fabrics. Sleeves were worn as growing fuller at the shoulder and high waist trend continued.


In 1920’s fashion entered the modern era it was the peak time when an incredible change in fashion took place.1920’s is considered as the time when women first abandoned the more restricting fashions since past years and started wearing more comfortable clothes such as trousers and short skirts.

As 1920’s arrived fashion tabular dresses became the part of sported shorter skirts with gathers or pleats, or slits to allow motion. If talking about the most memorable fashion trend then flapper is undoubtedly the best roaring 20’s trend which was both functional and fun.

In early 20’s century tall, stiff collars, broad hats, and “health corset” were usually worn.

Fashion is considered as a style statement of a person, it has been changing day by day. In the past, many year's fashions have been immensely followed and a part of many cultures and will be followed in coming years with different styles, colors, and patterns.