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Benefits Of Eating Together

In this new era of technology when was the last time, you had dinner or lunch together with your family? When did you enjoy a meal for the last time with your family? Do you even remember when did you? Nowadays we always hear mum calling “come and get the dinner “and not eating dinner together. It's not just you, its all of us busy with our school homework, ball practice, work schedules and work rehearsals and this actually makes rounding up the troops for an evening meal almost impossible.

However, according to a research conducted on “eating together” shows that eating together as a family has great impact and benefits children and teenagers in certain ways. Following are major reasons that will definitely convince you to sit and eat meal along with your family you can sit at least for 5 to 6 times in a week either for lunch, breakfast, or dinner.

Reason #1: Communication and Well-Being

If you eat together with your family it will lead you to conversations during the meal that will eventually provide opportunities for the family to connect, bond, plan, and learn from one another. You will get a chance to share the stories of the day and information while giving extra attention to your teen and children. Eating together provide great benefits such as warmth, love, security, and feelings of belonging and is a unifying experience for all.

Reason #2: Model Manners (and more)

Eating together gives you family mealtime as it is the perfect opportunity to display appropriate table manners, social skills, and meal etiquette. This also keeps one’s mood loving, relaxed and light throughout the day. While eating together in the table gives you model manners about eating.

Reason # 3: Expand Their World…One Food at a Time

Eating together also encourages your children to try new foods without forcing, bribing, or coercing them as they by their own will try new foods. You would be able to introduce them with new foods along with some of the standby favorites because it takes at least 8 to 10 exposures for the new foods to be accepted. This will make your children accept new dishes or at least trying new dishes that will be like a new hobby for them.

  • This merely includes new dishes from other countries and cultures.
  • Always select a new vegetable.
  • Let your child select a new recipe from cookbook, newspaper, internet or anything where they could find new dishes to make.

Reason #4: Nourish

If you will eat together with your family it will be healthier because it will develop your habit to eat with your family plus it is more nutritious and healthy. Home cooked food is made hygienically it also contains nutrients and dairy products including fiber, vitamins A and C, calcium, and foliate. These meals are not fried and are salted and will also not let you consume beverages in the table.

Reason #5: Become Self-Sufficient

Eating together will help children s and teens to become self-sufficient as today's kids are missing out knowing how to plan and prepare meals. In order to be self-sufficient food preparation, basic cooking, and baking are the necessities. Therefore, eating together helps you involve your family in menu planning, food preparation, and grocery shopping. Older children and pre-school children can help set the table as they can tear lettuce, cut bananas, peel vegetables, pour milk, and mix batter.

Along with this teenagers can also help in preparing meals as they can bake, grill, dice, and chop. This will help all the members of the family to work as a team and putting it on the table faster and eventually everyone will be more accepting and responsible.

Reason #6: Prevent Destructive Behaviours

Eating together with family also prevents destructive behavior as according to a research frequent family meal of five or more than five weeks are associated with lowering rates of smoking, drinking, and illegal use of drugs in teenagers and pre-teens as compared to the families that eat together. Scheduling is must and older children's schedules get complicated and busy therefore it is important to make efforts so that kids can eat meals together.

Reason #7: Improve Grades

Your children would be able to get good grades in school and perform better when they eat more meals with their parents and family. Research shows that teenagers who eat dinner with their families have higher academic performance as compared to the teenagers that do not eat together.

Reason # 8: Save Money

If you purchase meals from outside it costs four times more than the meals that are being prepared at home. Currently, the restaurant has a heavy industry share which is 46% that shows that most of the people eat out several times each week.

Reason# 9: Eating Together Encourages Family Togetherness

For family togetherness eating together is must as it help family members to maintain a relationship and let them feel the sense of belongingness. This also creates a good bond in between children and parents while making them feel safe, loved, and secured. This is merely important as children set toots for the family’s values and traditions for a lifetime. Kids feel accepted by their family and always consent with their parents rather than seeking advice from the wrong crowd.

Reason # 10: Eating Together Helps Prevent Weight Problems

Do you know eating together can help you lose weight as children and teens are less likely to be overweight as they learn to eat healthy food? It will help children to make better food choice because when they are away from home they eat all kinds of calorie-filled foods.

Now it’s time to bring everyone (family) together on the table as eating together and dining together gives everyone a sense of identity that can eventually help in many easy such as helping ease in day-to-day conflicts while establishing traditions and memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.