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Best Rooftops To Visit In Lahore

Lahore is a City of Pakistan which is known for its foods and cultures. It is considered as the heart of Pakistan and is being a provincial capital. This city always remains in limelight due to several activities and particularly food. Lahore remains famous because of its excursion around the walled city, its insight into the urban, and there are many aspects that will provide you with endless entertainment opportunities that will leave you mesmerized.

The city has endless entertainment opportunities that include five-star hotels, extravagant urban areas, state of the art cinemas, exhibition centers, restaurants and so many other entertaining lots that one could experience while being in this amazing city.

If we talk about the highlights of the Lahore city then its always been its rich food culture and is considered as a hub to a number of traditional and fine dining eateries and now the latest edition in this food concept is rooftop restaurants.

Now, Lahoris enjoy delicious and tasty desi and eastern food in open air breezy atmosphere with their loved ones.

A new trend that has caught the attention of most of the citizen of the Lahore city is about the rooftops restaurants. Since Lahore is a city that has both warm and cold weathers people tends to find cooler places when the scorching heat reaches in the city. And for this what could better than visiting rooftop restaurants in the evening while enjoying delicious desi foods and desserts.

All the food lovers are excited to check out all the rooftop restaurants in Lahore. The excitement of foods lovers does not end here and lahories also enjoys food in winter with their loved ones including their friends and families and relish freshly cooked food and hot drinks.

Not too old, Lahore took the initiative to open new rooftop restaurants while introducing this concept of rooftop dining in the city of the heart of Pakistan. Lahore hired the best interior designers and architects to design the restaurant at the best with highly inspiring and unique cultural architecture that will never die down.

All kinds of desi and foods with a wide range of variables that are extensively available at such places. These restaurants receive a warm welcome from Lahoris that initiates other businessmen to introduce and develop the culture of rooftop dining.

Following are some of the best rooftop restaurants in Lahore.

Haveli Restaurant:


A rooftop restaurant in Lahore named as Haveli is said to be the trendsetter among rooftop dining as it all began with the walled city of Lahore's road Food Street. This place is designed especially with Lahori's historic monuments and is a truly wonderful place for the food lovers to relish the environment and beauty of it.

Apart from the food, it offers absolutely delicious and tasty food with the traditional cuisine. The food lovers enjoy the delicious food with breathtaking views of the oldest buildings in Lahore. Haveli restaurant is an obvious choice for all the food lovers with its panoramic view.

Bistro 201:


If you re looking for a calm ambiance in the urban areas of Lahore then Bistro 201 is your place that provides fine dining under skies.

Bistro 201 is popular for its continental cuisines and offers much tasty food which is located in the Mall Road of Lahore. There is a peace of a white setting and enchanting environment that attracts the food lovers while making it special.

The Monal Lahore:


Monal? you might have heard this name for sure and this restaurant doesn’t require any introduction as it is the most successful and popular restaurant in Lahore. The Monal Lahore is situated at the central location of the city and provides numbers of mouthwatering continental food.

The restaurant offers great ambiance, taste, and delighted feeling, other than this it also has an awe-inspiring design that is much close to nature and overall providing a great experience of dining out.

Koyla – The Barbeque:


Koyla is another popular restaurant in Lahore because of its ideal setting with dining under the stars. The Koyla restaurant got the popularity because of its wide range of BBQ items and continental food and ideal setting by the side of a stunning swimming pool.

The restaurant provides a classy atmosphere with live music and BBQ cooked to perfection.

Maisonette Rooftop Restaurant:


The Maisonette Rooftop restaurant has a mesmerizing view and it offers a wide variety of menu under the shade of the sky. The restaurant offers top class food quality with boasts glamorous setting that remains the biggest attraction for customers.

Did we miss any place or you have one to share with us? Comment below