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Best Weight Loss Success Stories To Inspire

The most important part of this life is to stay fit and healthy and to achieve this goal you need motivation. It does not matter what you are aiming for but at the end of the day, it is all about staying on a track that can be hell tough. Whenever you think like it is difficult to reach a goal you can always get motivation from certain people success stories that remind you that yes you can be like them and if they can do it you can also do it.

Following are some of the real weight loss stories and how they did it and after weight loss stories.

There are many people out there struggling with obesity issues and have fat bodies that are a hurdle for them whether it is about self-confidence or is about their health. Therefore, in order to keep your self-confidence straight, you need to take the inspiration from certain people who legit lost their weight and you will definitely believe it by seeing their weight loss stories before and after. Here we have tried to gather all the weight loss success stories that will inspire you in many ways and for you always make your health and happiness, so never compromise on that. If you have weight loss intentions then first decide to have a healthy lifestyle that will eventually lead you to lose weight. Because it is not only about getting a certain number in scale and it includes eating and exercising. And remember it requires a lot of efforts and hard work to keep a reality check on what is sustainable for you and what is not.

We want to give you an important reminder we want to give you: try incorporating healthy habits as much as you can and it is for everyone but if you talk about losing weight then it is not for everyone. If you are an individual who has the history of disordered eating then consult your doctor before going for weight loss goals. Weight loss habits and tricks are completely different for everyone and are deeply personal.

1- Krystal Sanders


Before: 185 lbs
After: 120 lbs

Krystal Sanders is only five feet tall and is 27 years old. During her grew up time she always sustained on fast food or microwave food. She finally loses her weight by incorporating and finally lost her weight from 185 lbs to 120 lbs.

2- Tracey Dickson


Before: 158 lbs
After: 117 lbs

Tracey Dickson was flight attendant which was her first job and she used to eat out at least four nights in a week. She was 44 years old and stayed trim by teaching boot camp and cardio classes. She also used to run about 20 miles a week. In the year 2008, she was being diagnosed with breast cancer and she took chemo that sapped her strength while steroid pills left her ravenous that led her to eat more and more. After eating more her weight slashed to 158 pounds and now has managed to make it 117 lbs.

3- Shannon Moore


Before: 179 lbs
After: 138 lbs
"I feel amazing inside and out!"

Shannon Moore is a 31-year-old girl who used to have a slim size in high school but eventually her weight started to creep up when she started her job. Sitting on desk never exercise and started eating and calorie-rich foods and a giant burrito for lunch. She used to eat whatever was convenient and never thought about nutrition. In the year 2006, she wore a dress of size 14 and eventually shed 25 more pounds during her first year of marriage.

4- Loida Fraijo


Before: 173
After: 125 lbs

Loida always used to eat fast food all the time she had 173 pounds on her 5’7 frame. Eventually, she lost her weight by dabbling in crash diet and went on 125 lbs.

5- Tricia Minnick


Before: 278 lbs
After: 150 lbs

Tricia got married in the year 2006 and was 28 and she could not control her weight even after incorporating crash diet. She was 200 pounds she got pregnant which resulted in many complications and complete bed rest where she gained 75 pounds more. After the birth of her son, she completely switched to less calorie food and exercise that made her lose weight as low as 150 lbs.

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