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White Sugar vs Brown Sugar: Which One Is Best To Use

You might have heard about brown sugar and now you are in a dilemma situation that which one you should choose. It is like comparing both brown sugar v/s white sugar. Brown sugar is always raw and white sugar is refined and now you are thinking which one to consume. According to certain health departments, brown sugar is healthier and recommended to intake. The major benefits of brown sugar are its appearance, molasses flavor, and it is more minerals than white sugar. White and brown both are and can be used as sweeteners but then people usually ask what is the difference between brown sugar and white sugar and compares brown sugar v/s white sugar which is healthier.


In order to understand the difference between white sugar and brown sugar let’s look at some of the facts:

Manufacturing Process:

So why we consider brown sugar healthier over white sugar? It is also because of the raw sugar that looks brown undergoes less processing than white sugar such as it undergoes more processing than brown sugar. It is made by removing the juice from sugar cane and afterwards, they boil the juice and filter it. Afterwards, it is being spun and the crystals in a centrifuge produce raw sugar crystals that consist of molasses. But if we talk about white sugar then it is a fact that it undergoes further granulation and processing to make the crystals finer that eventually eliminates molasses. Brown sugar is healthier as it does undergo the process of granulation and is refined with molasses added.


If we talk about the appearance of both the sugar then raw sugar has coarser crystals than refined brown or white sugar that eventually gives the product a more of an organic look. This raw sugar might appeal to you aesthetically because it certainly gives a more of natural product look. There are some foods in which brown sugar adds to the colour of the finished product.


Who does not want more minerals in their diet? Of course, we all want to consume products that have more and more nutritional benefits. Raw sugar and brown sugar both are healthier for you in such a way that it consists of more minerals than refined white sugar and that is only because it consists of molasses. White sugar is composed of a dab of potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium and merely these amounts are too less to provide you with any nutritious health benefit. According to the research of The New York Time if you intake a 1-teaspoon of brown it just supplies a little amount of energy such as 0.02 milligrams of iron.


The taste of the brown sugar is slightly different due to the molasses present in brown sugar that may benefit you as it has more minerals than white sugar. Brown sugar or raw sugar consists of around 5 to 10 percent of molasses.

Therefore, from the above facts we conclude that brown sugar is healthier than white sugar.