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Top 5 Nutritionists To Follow On Twitter

There are many people out there who want to take care of their health and want to follow certain top nutritionist in the world that will benefit them in many ways. We have got the solution for you to follow certain top celebrity nutritionist but fir this you need to be on twitter. This is the time to get on twitter. If you want to make improvements to your health then you desperately need to start embracing twitter.

The Evolution Of Twitter

Twitter is now an immense platform where certain celebrities are on twitter it has changed from the days when people used to rely on messages regarding what they are going to have for lunch. Now Twitter has become the platform where you can get instant information.

All the breaking news is now being shared on Twitter before any online news site. Twitter has a great advantage as it only has 280 characters limit so the tweets are much are concise, short and to the point so that people can get the essence of the real information.

Twitter is now being followed by billions of people and is considered as an instant reach to the large audience. it is also used officially by presidents such as Obama used to share updates on Twitter. It is certainly the best place to follow celebrities, musicians, comedians, and athletes as you can get an up close and personal account of their lives form their own thumbs in real-time.

Following are some of the top nutritionists to follow on Twitter:

Twitter And Fitness/Nutrition

If you are willing to make changes to your lifestyles such as fitness, nutrition, and health then Twitter is your best friend for sure. It is convenient for you to use also you can follow certain great accounts to get instant updates on workouts, nutrition information, and motivation.

1. Daily Fitness Tip – @Dailyfitnesstip

Daily Fitness Tip is the account you definitely need to follow where you can get to tons of great content regarding diet, general health information, and about fitness. This account provides several links for you to get the best restaurant meals along with information on different styles of exercise and workouts.

2. Food Babe – @thefoodbabe

Food Babe is owned by Vani Hari who is a writer and food activist who digs deep into uncovering what really goes into the food you are eating. You need to follow this account as she tweets a lot of amazing information on various food products and items and exposes products that do not contain what they say they do.

3. Mark Sisson – @Mark_Sisson

Mark Sisson is another account that can provide huge benefits to your health. Mark provides relevant and up-to-date information and studies regarding paleo and recipes that are 100% paleo.

4. Monica Reinagel – @NutritionDiva

You must have known about Monica she is the best-selling author and a nutritionist who runs a popular nutrition diva podcast. Monica posts tweets and answers all the issues related to nutrition and also writes about current nutrition topics.

5. Chris Kresser – @chriskresser

A must follow an account on Twitter is Christ Kresser who is a successful author that always seeks to look at all approaches to a healthy lifestyle. He usually writes on a wide variety of topics on becoming healthy.