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Top 10 Common Summer Problems

For many people out there this might be a surprise but the fact is that summer does bring a number of diseases, ailments, and conditions that will more likely to bother you in summers than in winter season.

We all are aware of the fact that all the seasons bring some certain diseases with them and are more prominent in that particular season. For instance, if we talk about the winter season, the season brings more cold, cough, flu and if we consider the season of summer it brings a wide number of diseases with itself such as diarrhea, malaria, monsoon, dengue. From both the major season of the year summer brings along a lot of health problems that range from simpler ones like skin rashes, headache, sunburns etc to severe ones such as jaundice, diarrhea, measles and many more.

Summer season is usually high in the months of may, June, and July when the temperature rises up to 50 degrees Celsius in many Countries. However, in many other Countries or regions, they may experience moderate summers. But the fact is that it does not matter where one lives the disease brought by summers are inevitable. You might have heard the phrase that says “Prevention is better than cure”. Therefore you must consider certain precautions in the summer season in order to get prevention from certain diseases. Even if you think you are healthy and fir you need to enlist the major diseases caused by summers and should know how to prevent yourself from it.

Usually, we associate illness with winter because it merely brings colds and flu with it and doesn’t care about summer to much extent. In fact, in reality, summer brings some common summer sickness and some severe diseases with it.

We have discussed some of the common summer health problems people face during summer seasons. However, we can opt for certain precautions and ailment in order to safeguard ourselves from these diseases.

Following are some of the problems during summer season we may experience:

1- Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is quite common in the summer season and the leading cause of food poisoning is the consumption of contaminated water or food. If you intake contaminated food or water it usually spreads throughout bacteria, viruses, and certain chemical. The chemicals enter the human body and can cause stomach pain eventually leading to vomiting and diarrhea.

How To Prevent From Food Poisoning:

We all know that food poisoning spreads from contaminated water or food and the major reason due to which it spreads is when you eat raw meat or open foods that are sold open by roadside vendors and contaminated water are found to spread diseases and are common carriers for diseases causing microbes. Therefore, you must avoid eating from a roadside vendor in order to save yourself.

Especially in the countries where the weather is warm, the food is more prone to encourage bacteria to multiply. People who went for picnic usually make some home cooked stuff from home in order to enjoy during a picnic. Therefore you should not forget the fact that the food that is prepared earlier in advance and allowed to stand in the heat make up the perfect condition for food poisoning and contamination of food.

If the situation of food poisoning is not severed the patient can be treated at home and will not require much medical advice. However, if the situation of vomiting and diarrhea persist try to intake fluids as much as possible.

Food poisoning can become severe as it may lead you to be admitted to hospital if it becomes severe. In order to avoid the contamination of food always try to make food hygienically, store it safely and keep it cool. And always choose foods that are not perishable and can be stored throughout the day.

2- Heat Rash

Heat rash is a summer problem that initiates during summers that are usually pink or red rash and can be found in any part of the body. heat rash usually occurs on the part that is covered by a cloth. The condition of heat rash usually occurs in climatic conditions that are quite hot and humid and is more likely to occur in children. This could be an irresistible condition that brings discomfort and itching. This condition initiates when sweat ducts become blocked and well up that looks like tiny pimples and dots on the skin. But the condition can become worse if the heat rash may develop pain, pus, or swelling then in this condition you definitely require medical attention.

Heat rash is not a severe problem it could be treated in a matter of days and does not require any medical attention.

How To Prevent From Heat Rash

Heat Rash develops on the skin due to sweating and too much exposure to heat, therefore, try to avoid conditions that could bring you to sweat. Hence avoid conditions that can bring you to sweat and try to remain in air-conditioned rooms, avoid going outside in daytime rather go out in evening.

3- Water-Borne Conditions

All of us love to spend time in the water during the summer season. We usually tend to plan a picnic in beaches and lakes to relax and feel cool but it can bring some risk of water-borne illnesses and bacterial infections if you take part in certain water activities.

This condition could occur from both the sources such as natural bodies (water, rivers, and lakes) and hot tubs. Yes, hot tubs can also bring such gastrointestinal infections to your body that mainly occurs on the skin, eye ear, respiratory, neurological, and also viral problems.

How To Prevent From Water-Borne Conditions

In order to safeguard yourself from water-borne conditions always keep a check and opt for the safest places such as swimming pool that is being regularly checked for their chlorine levels.

4- Summer Colds

A summer cold is another condition that could occur in this season that is quite rear but they do occur. Summer colds are named as enterovirus and it usually causes some terrible and compacted symptoms than the typical winter cold. The summer colds usually consist of a headache, fever, sore throat, rash, or even a mouth sore and its treatment is basically aimed at relieving symptoms.

How To Prevent From Summer Colds

There no particular way that you can avoid summer cold because it is simply inevitable.

5- Headache

When an individual spends a lot of time outside in summers in the hot sun and involving in summer activities can thus bring a headache. The people that are prone to a headache can face terrible time in summers as it affects their headaches worse.

Whenever the temperature rises the people will likely to have the risk of getting a headache more. According to a theory, heat plays a vital role in your blood vessels in your head that eventually made it heat expand causing them to press against nerve ending. If a body becomes dehydrated or strenuous exercise occur in hot weather then it could also lead to a headache.

How To Prevent From A Headache

In order to prevent a headache in summer intake certain over-the-counter painkiller that will certainly alleviate headaches which are caused by exercise or heat exposure. Try to avoid heat exposure as much as you can and drink plenty of water any fluids as it takes care of a dehydration headache.

6- Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is quite common nowadays and it can be deadly also. The countries in which climate is really hot and humid whenever there is a hot summer day people can experience a headache, cramps, weakness, drying of skin, vomit, increased heart rate, or shallow breathing that overall means that they are merely suffering from heat stroke. The very first sign that initiates due to heat stroke could be dizziness that is followed by many other conditions which include seizures, nausea, and many more. This condition can be deadly as if it becomes severe it can lead a person to coma. Heat stroke typically arises when a person gets exposed to high temperatures and it is also known as hyperthermia.

When the heat stokes occurs in the body, the body cooling mechanism is overcome by the heat that eventually results in a core heat of over 40 degrees Celcius. Heat stroke can be deadly as it can result in unconsciousness, or organ failure, and eventually death. It may bring severe complications such as muscle breakdown, or can even damage kidneys.

How To Prevent From Heat Stroke:

Since it could become deadly one must take certain precautions in order to save yourself from heat stroke doctor usually recommends avoiding going outside in hot temperature also overdo with clothes. Other than this try to stay in cooler areas that will definitely help you avoid heat stroke.

7- Sunburn

When summer arrives it brings certain danger with itself that could become extremely serious one of which is sunburn. Sunburn is caused by UV rays of the sun called ultraviolet rays that are extremely dangerous for one’s skin as it damages the skin cells. The extent of the damage merely depends upon on how much time you spend in the sun, time of the day, and you are using some protection for your skin or not.

If you get exposed to the sun for longer periods of time it is not good for humans as the UV rays get penetrated inside the body. People who have lower levels of melanin are more likely to develop skin cancer as it causes melanoma. If people get exposed to the sun for a longer period of time in hot summer days then it might be possible that their skin might turn red, itchy, dry, and cracks may develop. Afterward, the victim may experience chills, nausea, experience chills, vomit, feel cold, and flu-like symptoms. Blisters could also appear on the skin if the skin cells burn too much.

How To Prevent From Sunburn:

In order to prevent from sunburn, the best thing you could do is to apply SPF 30 or higher and always taking preventive measures to keep the moisture of the skin intact.

Sunburn can lead to long-term skin damage and even skin cancer. There are three major kinds of skin cancer:

  • Basal cell carcinoma (most common type)
  • Squamous cell carcinoma (second most common)
  • Melanoma (less common but considerably more dangerous)

8- Chicken Pox

In summer season you may develop the disease of chicken pox that is quite common now. Chickenpox is a condition in which there is a fluid filled with the reading and small rashes accompanied by high fever as 102 Fahrenheit. These blisters on the skin which chip over and crust on the skin and eventually leave the marks. People that have a weak immune system, have diabetes, cancer, blood pressure problem, tuberculosis, or HIV are more prone to chicken pox. There is a virus name Varicella-zoster that travels through droplets present in the environment and could also get transferred through an infected person during his/her sneezing or coughing spells. The symptoms of chickenpox include high fever, itchy skin, redness, scabs, blisters, loss of appetite, and headache that lasts for more than two weeks.

9- Measles

Measles is another common summer disease that occurs during the summer season that is also knowns rubeola or morbilli. This disease is more or less same as chicken pox because of the way it gets transmitted and it infects the lining at the back of the throat. The name of the virus that causes measles is known as a paramyxovirus that causes measles breeds faster during summers. Initially, measles starts with the symptoms like a cough, sore throat, high fever, and redness in eyes. Afterward, tiny white spots along with measles rash appear throughout the body.

10- Jaundice

In summer people may develop the disease of jaundice as its a common water-borne disease. Jaundice can also be a result of Hepatitis A that could occur due to the intake of contaminated food or water. Jaundices that occurs due to Hepatitis A is transmitted through feces of an infected person, therefore, it could be either foodborne or waterborne. The symptoms of jaundice include yellow discoloration of the skin, light-colored stools, itchy skin, and dark-colored urine.