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The Five Worst Morning Habits And How To Avoid Them

Everyday day is a blessing for us each and every morning give us a chance to kick-start your day in a healthy and nutritious way so that our entire day goes smooth. Do you know that the initial morning hours are considered to be the “most important” meal of the day because they can either make or break the coming hours? Now you need to think and ask yourself are you keeping your mornings healthy and helping the body to be on the right track? Well to be very honest the bitter truth is that majority of us fails in following the correct morning moves that eventually makes our day unbearable for the mind to handle and also puts a lot of stress into your body.

Therefore in order to make our mornings healthy, we should following healthy morning routines and avoid bad morning habits. Following are some of the five health mistakes you might be doing before 10 am that could be dangerous for your health in long run according to doctors and you need to avoid it.

1- Waking Up With A Jerk

There are many people who wake up with a jerk which is certainly not the right way to wake your body up and you need to avoid it. Your muscles remain loose and relax when you wake up in the morning after sleeping for 7 to 9 hours and if you will spring out of the bed it will strain and tighten the back muscles. It can cause lower back pain, spasms, ruptured or slipped discs. Therefore always relax your body for at least 5 minutes and then wake up slowly and steadily.

2- Checking Your Phone Right After You Open Your Eyes

Technology sometimes is really harmful to you as you keep your phone with you all the time no matter where you are o what you do but keeping your phone beside you while sleeping is the biggest health mistake and you are forcing your brain and body to succumb up. When waking up you instantly check up your phone and wasting at least 2 to 30 minutes on it could lead to anxiety and depression. Therefore always avoid using phone immediately after waking up.

3- Taking Your Phone Further To The Toilet

If you keep on using your phone and the session doesn’t end there then it could transfer germs from your hands to the phone and then eventually to your stomach because your phone always remain unclean and you use it. This process can pave the way for bacteria and viruses and can also cause infections and illness. Therefore never take your phone to the washroom.

4- Exercising or Hitting The Gym Before Fuelling The Body

If you are exercising or working out in the gym without having breakfast then it can cause tiredness, poor performance, dizziness, and low-calorie burn. Therefore always eat something before starting your workout.

5- Skipping A Healthy Breakfast

The current lifestyle is so high-paced that people don’t get the time to eat breakfast and always skips it which is the most important meal of the day. Skipping your breakfast can lead to obesity and risk of certain health problems. Therefore never skip your breakfast and always eat a healthy one and incorporate morning health habits into your lifestyle.