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Mindless Eating: A Phobia?

What is mindless eating?

Mindless eating is all about eating without thinking and not thinking about what you are doing. At this stage, you might be playing the role of a nutritional zombie. According to the book written by Brian Wansink named Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think that certainly explains that “we overeat not because of hunger but because of family and friends, packages and plates, names and numbers, labels and lights, colours and candles, shapes and smells, distractions and distances, cupboards and containers”.

Temptations to fall into mindless eating habits surround us at every corner. Let’s look into 4 common scenarios where the potential for food behaviors ruining your fitness is high.

There are certain reasons due to which mindless eating could occur and one of the great reasons is through overeating that is not because of greed or any other self-centeredness but because of our environments.

4 common areas where mindless eating facts can zap your fitness progress. Our minds are programmed from the time were a toddler to behave in specific ways with our foods and therefore mindless is a challenge for all of us.

Our mind behaves in a certain manner with our foods here are the 5 scenarios below that are detrimental to our goals unless we become mindful of them.

1. The Size Of Your Plates, Bowls, Packages, & Buckets

According to the certain researchers conducted discovered that people who use larger plates or overseer themselves compared to those who elected to use smaller plates, therefore, undeserving themselves. Certainly, the presentation of your food and the way your food is delivered plays an important role in determining your eating behavior.

2. Your Eyes (Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind)

There are certain times when we treat food without considering the what it is and what reaction it could make to our body. We become out of mind and out of sight while choosing the appropriate food. For instance, let's say you enter to a cafe and see a delicious white cake and suddenly you feel the desire to eat it.

3. The Middle Grounds (Aka The Land Of Nowhere)

At certain times in our life we are not moving forwards, moving slow, or doesn’t even feel like moving at all. But this could be quite dangerous when you are in the nutrition world because if there is a dangerous recipe it could allow us to run on autopilot and lose our focus.

In the nutrition world, this can be a dangerous recipe because it allows us to run on autopilot and lose our focus. A famous nutritionist Wansink describes this middle ground of drudgery as the “mindless margin—we can slightly overeat or undereat without being aware.”

The middle zone of eating is always dangerous as you are not aware of the small differences that can eventually make overflows. If you will not eat properly you will start feeling weak, lethargic, moody, or could have crappy training sessions and if you will start eating enough you will feel bloated slow as molasses.

4. Societal And Lifestyle Traps

Parties and dinners make ourselves preoccupied with guests to the point we unknowingly eat every stuff we face. Therefore be aware of these traps that can make us snacking obsessively out of nervousness.