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How To Start Keto Diet A Guide For Beginners

A ketogenic diet has become really popular and well-known as it is considered as a low carb diet in which the body certainly produces ketones in the liver that is eventually used as energy. Ketogenic Diet is known as many different names such as low carb diet, keto diet, low carb high fat (LCHF) etc.

This certainly means that if a person eats something that has a high amount of carbs it will produce more insulin and glucose.

  • Glucose is essential for the body as it is the easiest molecule for the body that issued to convert and use the energy so that it will be chosen over any other energy sources.
  • Insulin thus produces the process through which glucose is taken it through all around the body.

In this diet pattern, the glucose is being used as the primary energy source due to which a person does not require fats and therefore they are stored. Usually, if a person follows a higher carbohydrate diet the body uses the energy form such as glucose. If a person lowers the consumption of carbs then the body is induced into a state which is known as ketosis.

The ketogenic or keto diet is a natural process that certainly helps the body to helps survive when the food intake is low. During this process, the body produces ketones that are produced in the liver due to the breakdown of fats. The major motive of following a ketogenic diet is to force the body into this metabolic state which is done by starvation of carbohydrates and not by starvation of calories.

People love to adapt Ketogenic Diet as optimal ketone level offers many health, weight loss, mental performance, and physical benefits. Following are some of the benefits provided by the ketogenic diet.

Weight Loss:

The most essential part of following a ketogenic diet is due to its weight loss aspect as it uses body fat as an energy source while providing weight loss benefits. By following weight loss diet. Your body becomes a fat burning machine when the insulin level drops greatly. This diet proves to be a better diet as it provides better results than other dieting plans.

Control Blood Sugar:

Keto diet naturally lowers down the blood sugar levels in the body and that is because of the food you intake. This diet plan prevents diabetes as compared to other low-calorie diets.

Mental Focus:

In order to escalate the mental performance keto diet can be incorporated as it proves to increase mental ability and performance. Ketogenic Diet proves as a great source of fuel for the brain by improving concentration and focus thereby improving functionality for the brain.

Increased Energy & Normalized Hunger:

Keto diet is also popular because it provides the most reliable source of energy providing greater stamina while maintaining the starvation and hunger level at bay.

Cholesterol & Blood Pressure:

Another reason because of which people prefer a keto diet is that it improves triglyceride level and cholesterol levels associated with arterial buildup. Ketogenic is the best way you can incorporate to sort out your high blood pressure and cholesterol related issues.


Incorporating a ketogenic diet certainly helps in improving your skin such as acne and skin inflammation.

Now we are going to consider some of the points to be started while thinking of incorporating keto diet as a beginner:

While starting keto diet you need to plan a viable diet plan and it completely depends upon you that how fast you want to get into keto diet. In initials, you need to restrict your body from carbohydrates that should be less than 15 g per day this is how eventually you will into a faster keto diet plan.

In initials, you have to keep carbohydrates limited mostly from dairy, nuts, and veggies. Try to avoid refined carbohydrates such as wheat including bread, pasta, and cereals, plus starch such as potatoes, legumes, and beans or fruits while berries, star fruit, and avocado can be consumed in moderation.

Following chart shows what amount of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins should be consumed while following the ketogenic diet:


Image credit: Ruled Me