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Foods You Should Never Eat Before Bed

Before going to bed many of us eat lots of things because usually after eating dinner we usually spend at least 3 hours to go to bed. After dinner and before going to bed our stomach needs something and you always feel an urge to eat something because you cannot deny those hunger pangs.

At that point in time, people usually go for some snacks or fruits but one has to be considerate and wise while choosing for the snacks because your choices can be detrimental to your health and lifestyle.

If you feel tempted to eat snacks before going to bed then always distant yourself from some of the following foods:

Citrus Fruits:


We all know that fruits are beneficial for health no doubt but it should be avoided before going to bed. These citrus fruits include lemon, grapefruit orange, lime etc and these are to be avoided because they have invisible red flags over them. If you will consume citrus fruit before going to sleep then it might interfere with your nighttime digestion, especially when you are lying in horizontal position. Citrus fruits can also lead you to multiple bathroom trips at night because of its diuretic properties that will disrupt your precious beauty rest.

Red Meat:


Red meat should be avoided while consuming before bedtime as meat or the fatty cuts of red meat will take a long time in your body to digest and hence will make you feel uncomfortable. This merely means that when you will try to settle down you will have flips and get your snooze on. Instead of going for red meat try leaner protein to calm your hunger such as sliced turkey or plain yogurt.

Ice Cream:


Everyone loves ice cream and this is one of the trends as before going to sleep people crave to have an ice cream although it feels like pure bliss before bed eventually this treat will force your stomach into overdrive while trying to digest the fats and carbs. If you eat ice cream late at night it will send your blood sugar levels up and down that will definitely disrupt your sleep. Therefore, always avid this temptation before going to bed.

Sugary Cereal:


There is a reason that breakfast is always eaten in the morning we know a quick bowl of colourful cereals might calm your cravings for short-term basis but these are full of sugar sometimes even more than a chocolate bar. These sugary cereals are also high in glycemic that works as an immediate energy provider that will be stored as fat if you are inactive after eating.



Who doesn’t love pizza’s and eating it on late nights is an absolute fun but now you need to rethink of ordering a late night pizza because of many reasons. According to a recent study, the tomato sauce used in pizza can lead to tummy aches and multiple trips to the bathroom. On the other hand, it's really more than a bedtime snack as it has a lot of extra calories that you don’t need.

Spicy Foods:


If you are a food lover and loves spicy food then you need to avoid it as spicy foods do more than stimulating your taste buds. If you consume spicy foods late at night it can irritate your stomach especially if your body is prone to heartburn that will make it difficult for you to sleep.



Drinking soda is not what you need to intake before going to bed a soda is always a no-no before bedtime. Soda is basically chock full of sugar that is super-stimulating. If you will intake a massive amount of sugar in your body it will be likely to affect your restful sleep.

Orange Juice:


Orange juice is made from oranges that are citrus and that can create issues if you have a reflux or sensitive bladder. Therefore, instead of orange juice try a whole apple that will actually help you sleep because of its carbohydrates and fiber and will also help absorb the sugar more slowly.



Burgers are always loved but is a heavy meal and is difficult for your body to digest as your digestive tract working hard that can be disruptive if you are trying to sleep. According to recently conducted study eating too much, saturated fats are linked with more wakefulness with lighter sleep.


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