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Fasting: A Best Way To Detox Your Body

Fasting for Detox:

Fasting is a great way that can help people detox their body because it is the complete abstinence from all the substances except pure water for a defined period of time. It's an important aspect for the one who wants to cleanse their body. Fasting is merely observed to cleanse and the individual has to abstinence from all the food but they can intake all the vegetable and fruit juices. Eventually, small amounts of raw fruits, steamed vegetables, and solid food are used to intake during modified fasting.


There are many other types of fasts that include brown rice fast in which only brown rice is eaten for a week along with water.

How To Cleanse Your Body Through Fasting:

Detoxification is an important aspect as it is a normal body process through which neutralizing toxins are being eliminated that occurs from biochemical functions through colon, kidneys, liver, lungs, skin and lymph nodes. When an individual observes fast it precipitates the process because the foods do not go inside the body the latter turns to its fat that merely reserves the energy for the body.

During fast the energy is being used by the fat that was reserved in the body and eventually, they release the stored chemicals from the fatty acids into the system that are being eliminated through different organs of the body mentioned above.

Another benefit of fasting is the healing process it triggers. During fast the body has no food to mobilize digestive or immune system, therefore, the energy is diverted away from the digestive system. This is the major reason because of which wounded animals do not eat much food and humans also feels less hungry when they are sick.

Fasting also triggers rapid weight loss. When the body is in fasting mode it eventually helps people to become accustomed when consuming food after few days. After observing fast the stomach shrinks down and gets back to its normal size. Since fasting helps you to not eat much food people tend to feel satisfied eating less food after fasting.

Following are different ways to detoxify your body:

1. Water Fasting:

Water fasting is considered as the most powerful fasting. In this fasting method, an individual only consumes water for an extended period of time.

2. Coconut Water Fasting:

Coconut water fasting is immensely beneficial as it detoxifies the body while providing an enormous amount of vitamins and minerals even more than the regular meals that you intake. In coconut water fast an individual is allowed to consume only coconut water for extended period of time.

3. Juice Fasting:

An individual can intake all kinds of fruits and vegetable juices that contain a lot of healthy nutrients and works as powerful internal cleansers to the body.

4. Mono Fasting:

In Mono fasting, the individual can intake 1 type of fruit for an extended period of time.