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Brain Damaging Habits And How To Avoid Them

As we are aging, it is a quite normal process of losing some of the brain functions. However, there are several brain damaging activities that can actually speed up the degeneration process of the brain. There are certain activities which are to be avoided for the brain in order to function in a proper way. According to a study conducted by BBC states that habits that are bad for the heart are also bad for the brain. Therefore, it is essential to avoid certain habits to save your brain and your heart from numerous diseases.


We are going to discuss some brain damaging activities and to avoid them in order to boost your brain power.

No Breakfast


Breakfast is one of the essential meals of the day. It is necessary to have breakfast that consists of healthy nutrients such as iron, fiber, calcium, vitamin, and minerals. The debate goes on as to what we should eat and how we should eat for breakfast. But one thing is sure that skipping or not eating breakfast can lower your blood sugar levels. Morning meal is breaking your fast after a long sleep, therefore, it leads to insufficient supply of nutrients to your brain. Skipping breakfast can cause brain degeneration hence, avoid always intake healthy breakfast to start your day and avoid several brain damaging food.



Smoking is another factor which can hurt your brain. Smoking can not only hurt your brain it can also damage many of your body organs. According to a research smoking experience a drop of dopamine function in the brain. Dopamine is the factors that lead to addiction and when a person leaves smoking the dopamine level goes back to normal. Doctors have observed a thinner cortex in smokers than non-smokers. As cortex is an essential component of memory, language, and perception as it is connected with mental decline. If you quit smoking then it will definitely help you in boosting up your metabolism and helps you to contribute towards a healthy life.

Too Much Sugar


As we all know that sugar can cause your waistline to bulge and increase the risk of diabetes. Taking too much of sugar can lead you towards obesity; also it can damage your brain in several ways.

The Brain is a very important organ of our body and is the main control center of every function that happens in our daily life. Brain carries a hack of information and has an endless list of responsibilities. Therefore, consuming more sugar than required amount can eventually damage your brain.



There are many people out there who eat foods just to finish the meal and eventually ends up overeating. Overeating can make us gain weight, feel bloated, damage our self-esteem, and also causes hardening of our brain arteries which can, in turn, decrease mental power.



Using cell phones or devices which expose radiation to the human body are dangerous for our health. According to a study conducted by Swedish radiations from a cell phone can also cause headaches and confusions. Another recent study suggests that cell phone radiations can cause cancer and brain tumors. Therefore, use a headset and limit the use of cell phone, put it far away from you as possible.

Sleep Deprivation


Long-term sleep deprivations are unhealthy for your brain as it speeds up the death of brain cells. Sleep gives your brain a chance to repair and rest itself after long and stressful day. Therefore, make sleep a priority for yourself and do what it takes to get more of it.