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Behavioural Symptoms Of Stress

Stress is an issue faced by the number of people out there and can lead you to poor behavioral symptoms. If you spot stress sooner it would be easier to manage but observing it after the certain time may develop certain problems. The symptoms of stress or you may say anxiety falls into many different categories such as behavioral, psychological, emotional etc. We will begin with the behavioral symptoms of stress that are quite visible and could be shown by your gestures.

Stress can eventually affect the behavior of a person in many ways but following tends to be the most common behavioral symptoms of stress and anxiety and what actually causes stress.

Behavioral Symptoms Of Stress

1-Sleeping Difficulties

People suffering from stress often find difficulty in sleeping. Insomnia is a major issue faced by those people with no activity to distract them, anxieties and worries, and negative thinking distracts them to sleep. People tend to worry about the upcoming events such as interviews, presentations which lead them to sleep deprivation.

2-Lack Of Punctuality

Making yourself on time such as timekeeping is difficult for the person who is suffering from stress. They might take many tasks and would not be able to handle it on time. They try to avoid tasks and thus leave them until the last minute or they may be so overcome with worry/anxiety that they become forgetful. In order to remedy the situation, they must first identify why their punctuality is so poor.


Absenteeism could become a common habit of a stressed person as they tend to regularly miss work. These individuals always try to avoid a difficult situation or they may be suffering the consequences of one of their coping mechanisms.

4. Withdrawal

Withdrawal is a common behavioral and emotional symptom of stress. The individual’s self-esteem such as self-respect and confidence may have taken a hit and as a consequence, they may no longer feel capable of coping with social situations. These people avoid certain situations in order to protect their fragile confidence.

5-Addictive Or Excessive Behavior

Addictive or excessive is one of the emotional signs of stress as people don’t realize and had no idea about dealing with stress, as it can eventually lead them to short-term solutions. Those short terms solutions are having damaging longer-term consequences. As if the person finds himself all stressed up they go for some alcohol, smoking, or even prescription drugs.

6-Unhealthy Eating Habits

Comfort food is often found a solution for stressful situations. According to certain studies indulging in convenience foods can make you feel better and happier temporarily. However, these foods have certain negative impacts on your health that are rich in fat, salt, or sugar and can lead to high blood pressure, heart-related diseases and obesity. People suffering from stress may be experiencing a suppressed appetite, they may have developed a negative self-image or they may have developed negative associations with food. Whatever the reason, the consequences of food avoidance can be every bit as devastating as the consequences of food indulgence.