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Flavours of Pakistan Village Food Series Taste of Sindh Ep 2

One thing that we all will agree to is that there is no true love in the world than the love for food. Especially when it comes to foods of Sindh there are many variations in dishes that are being offered and the taste of culture is not left behind. Sindh foods is a province of Pakistan that is extremely rich in culture, traditions, and are also rich in traditional foods full of spices, flavours, and traditional foods that will surely ignite your taste buds.

The typical traditional Sindhi food is full of variety ranging from Dodah, Koko, Daal Chawal, and much more. Today we are going to explore some of the mouthwatering Sindh dishes that will surely delight your taste buds. Sindh is a province in Pakistan known for its diverse culture and rich regions. Whether it's about cultural traditions or about foods in Sindh people celebrate it with full zeal and enthusiasm.

If we talk about Sindh cultures and traditions then in the parts of interior Sindh you will get fascinated to see Sindhi women and man. The way they celebrate their culture depicts how lively people they are. Traditional block printing “ajrak” is a major embroidered speciality of Sindh and the list goes on. Every province has its own diversity in terms of the regional culture that are actually amazing.

Every region or province has its own speciality and it's quite hard to pick a single region as all are fascinating every side of Pakistan’s culture of food that is alluring in its own unique way. Sindh has its own way of cooking food and techniques to cook some of them you might have heard are weird but tastes as good as you can imagine. We must tell you that Sindhi cuisine is rich in flavour and is great in taste that is infused with choicest aromatic spices. The food of Sindh is quite similar to Punjabi cuisine and is good for health in every way, a wholesome pleasure to taste buds and is scrumptiously heavenly.

The typical Sindhi food has rich vibrant textures, zesty ingredients, and aces the flavour test. Sindhi food provides a great culinary experience with its variety of delicacies. We have gathered some deliciously blissful Sindhi delicacies such as typical Sindhi dishes that is a must try:



Koki is a typical and popular Sindhi breakfast that is made from flatbread made up of wheat flour. In order to make Koki wheat flour, green chillies, finely chopped onions, and coriander leaves are used. Koki is usually served with papad and curd.

It is also eaten along with pickles. This must be definitely something new for you but it is practised in the region of Sindh at the time of breakfast that provides healthy nutrients to your body.

Sindhi Handi Kabab


A traditional handi recipe is known as Sindhi Handi Kabab and this is inspired from Sindhi taste that offers a unique combination of mince along with spices.

Sindhi Handi Kabab is served with paratha or plain rice along with chutney and is immensely tasty mouth-watering dish preferred by most of the people in Sindh.

Dal Pakwan


Dal pakwan is a special recipe that is being considered as Sunday special opulent breakfast item in Sindhi households. This chana daal is made simply by infusing spices, flavours, and is garnished with coriander leaves and fried brown onions.

Channa daal is served with maida pouri which is made by flour and dough is kneaded with kalungi. This dish is made on Sundays that tastes heaven along with tamarind chutney.



If you want to know a Sindhi dish that is high on nutrition and in taste then Dodoh is a famous breakfast especially enjoyed during winters. Dodoh is a thick paratha that is made by rolling with a hand as the dough is semi-wet.

The dough of Dodoh is made by mixing finely chopped onions, green chillies, jowar, and coriander leaves. Dodah is served piping hot along with curd and is also served with mint green chutney and onions.

Kadhi Chawal


Kadhi chawal is a popular dish in Sindh enjoyed by most of the people that is delicious yet wholesome. Kadhi is a tangy brown coloured curry along with a delightful mixture of besan pakoras made with tomatoes, cluster beans, lady finger, drumsticks, and tamarind pulp.

This dish is served with hot boiled rice and sometimes potato brinjal vegetable and even with Aalu Tukku that is crisp double fried potatoes seasoned with masala. This dish takes a lot of time to cook and is usually made on special occasions or ceremonies. Kadhi chawal is also served in pre-wedding ceremonies as a main dish.

Tahiri With Bhee Aloo


Tahiri is a traditional Sindhi sweet rice made with spiced potatoes and meat altogether along with rice. This rice is an aromatic preparation of rice cooked with saffron, cardamom, green chillies, zeera, potatoes, and dry fruits such as cashews, raisins, pistachios and almonds. This dish is served during festivities and weddings.

Sindhi Biryani


How can we forget biryani that is the speciality of Sindh? A typical Sindhi biryani is popular for its aromatic flavours and spices. It is made along with meat spices, rice, and served with curd.

Sindhi Pulao


You might have heard about Sindhi Biryani but Sindhi Pulao must be something new for you. Sindhi pulao is made with the unique blend of flavours along with potatoes and is unlike the typical pulao we eat usually at home.

Sai Bhaji


Sai Bhaji a traditional Sindhi dish which is a famous main course recipe. it is made with spinach or palak, spices, and chana daal and is a popular green leafy vegetable recipe that is also considered as the signature dish of the Sindhi community.

Stay tuned for next episode!