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Fast Food Restaurants In Lahore

Desi foods are considered as a big part of the culture for years now but unfortunately, fast food business has changed the mind of all consumers as they tend to eat more and more of fast food. People now generally prioritize fast food restaurant instead of going for certain healthy options or desi foods.

According to the latest survey about food consumption and dining outs, 5 % of respondents eat fast food every single day while 40% said that they eat fast food at least once per week. 18% said they rarely consume fast food while 35% said that they consume fast food at least once per month. However, there are only 2% respondents who said that they don’t eat fast food. Imagine the massive contribution of people eating fast food.

Now the question arises that why people choose to eat fast food despite the fact that there are many desi traditional foods available. The reason behind prioritizing fast food rather than going for traditional desi food is convenience as according to a survey 67% of the people opt for fast food just because of convenience while 32% go for it because it is cheap. The remaining consumers opt for fast food to avail discounts or coupons along with friends.

Since Lahore is well-known for food lovers people over there also prefer fast food and have gathered some of the popular fast foods in Lahore which are as follows:


Again OPTP i.e One potato two potato is a famous fast food restaurant having franchise throughout Pakistan. The restaurant offers all kinds of fast foodstuffs such as burgers, fries, sandwiches, and wraps. OPTP offers amazing fries that people love at reasonable prices with several options of toppings.

2. Mcdonalds

Who doesn’t know about McDonald's? A global brand throughout the world is situated in almost all the cities of Pakistan. Mc’Donald offers amazing burgers, drinks, fries, sundaes, wraps, nuggets, and drinks. People are crazy about Mc’Donald and love eating away from his restaurant. Mac Burgers shakes, and drinks are among the most popular demands of consumers form Mc’Donalds.

3. Burger Hub

Burger Hub is a popular restaurant in Lahore that offers a different kind of burgers, pizzas, fries, and fried chicken. The restaurant has already attracted a lot of consumers because of its taste with affordable prices.

4. BFC

One of the famous fast food restaurants in Lahore is BFC that offers tasty foods at affordable prices. BFC offers burgers, broast, pizzas, shwarma, fries, and chicken nuggets that are extremely popular in Lahore.

5. Pizza Hut

If someone calls for famous pizza restaurant then Pizza Hut is the one that is located in every part of Pakistan. The main reason due to which people get attracted towards it is the taste it delivers with yummy cheesy bites. Chicken tikka and chicken fajita are among the best flavours of Pizza Hut offered in Pakistan.

6. Yasir Broast

Broast is another attraction for customers that satisfy their cravings. Yasir Broast is exceptionally renowned for its amazing taste, the restaurant offers broast and Deggi, BBQ, and Chinese Cuisine.

7. Subway

Subway is an international fast food brand situated in Lahore and offers many kinds of wraps filled with chicken and salad.

8. Fri Chicks

Fri Chicks is one of the famous fast food restaurant located all over Pakistan extremely popular for its fast food. The restaurant offers several fast food items including a burger, fish, pizza, chicken pieces, and desserts. Affordability with quality food is what Fri Chick offers to its customers. There are several branches of Fri Chicks in Pakistan and one of the famous branches is at Lahore in Faisal Town, people enjoy going with their families as it offers nice ambience.

9. Howdy

Howdy is a well-known restaurant in Pakistan which is a Pakistani Burger Joint serving most major cities in Pakistan cities such as Islamabad, Lahore, and recently inaugurated in Karachi and is now a part of Karachites taste buds. Howdy offers amazing kinds of burgers that is the major attraction for the customers and also offers steaks, beverages, and fries. People who try the taste of Howdy becomes addicted to its flavour and are crazy for its taste.

10. Mozerella 27

A Pizza goes to place is what known as Mozerella 27 that has an extremely beautiful interior that reflects a casino royale theme. The amazing thing is that this pizza eatery offers indoor and outdoor both sittings. The restaurant offers all kinds of Italian cuisines including Pizzas, Lasagna, pasta, Sandwiches, Deserts, and few drinks also. They offer deep-pan, thin crust full pizzas, half pizzas, and slices. One of the special dishes in Mozerella 27 is Kebab bites that are extremely amazing as these were not mere bites but a complete pizza with kebab-stuffed edges. This was a new idea incorporated and no other pizza restaurant offer such kind of pizza except Pizza Hut.

11. Rooster's

Price, Quality, and Service is what Rosseter's focus on and offers broast, nuggets, fries, steaks, fillet chicken, sandwich with classy and peaceful decorum. It is considered as a good place to hang out with friends with a good ambience and quality food. The exquisite steak, snicker cheesecake is a must try and gourmet coffee could be the perfect end to a scrumptious meal.

12. Hardee’s

If you are a burger lover then Hardees is the place for you as it offers the best burgers in town. Hardee’s offers fries, desserts, burgers, beverages, fried chicken and what not. Hardee's is specifically famous for burgers as their burgers are to die for.