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Wedding Fashion in East And West

#Fashion is the most important aspect nowadays! Today we are going to unveil the latest fashion #trends in both #eastern and #western countries. In this #21st era fashion is not something to be ignored rather something essentially associated with the person’s #personality.

Moreover, fashion is becoming the requirement of people throughout the world. It is the part of daily lives especially when it comes to #weddings. Fashion is mostly seen in wedding celebrations where people usually make heavy and expensive dresses to a part of the wedding as it is a tradition.

People wear dresses in weddings according to their culture, traditions, and rituals. Therefore the concept of wedding dresses is different in both eastern and western countries.

Whether it’s your friend’s wedding or your own all that you have in your mind is “what I am gonna wear? You want to wear something which is trendy yet fashionable and according to the culture and traditions.

This is the question which usually initiates in every women’s mind. Finding a perfect outfit for wedding festivities is not an easy task. Starting from most delicate and glittering embroidered motifs to different ranges of colors it is very difficult to decide the best among the rest. Women want to wear a dress which would make her stand out in the crowd and gives a feeling of confidence while wearing it.

And you will feel like yes this is the dress which I want! If you are in search of the perfect dress for the wedding then this is the right place for you to pick some of the best dresses for #eastern and #western #wedding #fashion.

Today we are going to reveal some really trendy and fashionable eastern and western fashions which are followed by a wedding.

Eastern Countries



This is entirely eastern fashion dress usually worn in Pakistan. #Lehnga with a short shirt is an evergreen traditional dress followed in Pakistan.



In India lehnga with a crop top is worn on their wedding festivities.



#Saree depicts the most cultural values and traditions which are usually worn by the bride on their wedding day.

4-Saudi Arabia


In Saudi Arabia: A girl usually wears a white long gown along with a white scarf in their wedding festivities.



A luxury gown is worn in the wedding festivities.

Western Countries



In America usually, a white long tail gown with a head see through the scarf, this outfit is the part of their wedding culture.

2-United Kingdom


In the United Kingdom, a white long floral embroidered gown with a deep neck is worn in their wedding festivities.



A white long gown with red or pink flower embroidery is worn in Poland in their weddings.



An elegant long white embroidered gown is worn as a part of their western culture.



In Brazil, a western culture is followed wearing a white glitter long gown with a bunch of flowers in hand.

Do you think, your country's / region's wedding dresses are beautiful to share? Write us, we'll let the world know!