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Top 10 Hollywood Fashions In 2017

As the time passes by we have almost finished this year, all of us are looking forward welcoming the New Year. As this is time to stay prepared for our new and New Year resolutions, it is also the right time to review what the departing year had led us through.

Let’s have a look at how #fashion #trends 2017 have captivated us with these #top 10 #Hollywood Fashion industry.

For Girls

A Ruffle Top

Ruffle tops, being the latest trend top in fashion adding up glamour and style to your looks. Their astonishing look continues to win hearts giving you an angelic appearance, whenever are worn. A tank ruffled top is nowadays trendy as well as neck ruffle tops also give you the reason to stay decent with elegance.

A Long Sequin Dress

A long sequin dress is the latest style and fashion trend that makes you quite appealing. The selection of right accessory is too important as you may pair you sequin dress with long earrings, and high heels. You can wear a jet black, tea pink, or navy blue sequin dress.



Stilettos are the shoes that give you elegance in parties and formal gatherings. Their amazing experience makes you remain in vogue and trendy. These superb shoes match any clothing giving an exquisite look to your outfit. You can pick from a wide variety of Stilettos.

Kitten Heels

These are miniaturized scale, architectural shape heels sloping to the rim of the sole in a gentle way offering a delightful respite compared to the stilettos. Kitten heels never disappoint you as they look crisp when worn with jeans or even with straight-pants. These kitten heels give you a perfect glamorous look with style.

Oversized Bows

The largely sized bows aren't simply elegant adornment as their curiously large size implies they are more irresistible. These have been the most trending shoes throughout the year.


A Tote Bag

Bags are considered an essential part of your entire look. Carrying a stylish bag adds to a glamorous appeal to your looks. A tote bag is the best part of your entire look.

For Guys

Wide-Leg Trousers

These wide-leg trousers have a comeback making a good choice this year. Looser cuts and shapes may that be worn on coats, are the more relaxed style for dressing, looser tailoring has also come back. A pair of wider cut pants certainly comes handy; wearing them is to pick a more unstructured look.

Printed T-Shirts

These shirts bring 1990s nostalgia as they have a comeback and we were all grabbing printed T-shirts, even go for unstructured tailoring or perfectly fitted chinos, rather than opting for layering underneath flannel shirts and denim jackets.

Vertical Stripes

These vertical stripes offer an alternative to the classic Breton stripe; as they look amazing in both color and size. Vertical stripes were all over the ramps at the recent London Men’s Fashion Week, exhibiting to everything from T-shirts to perfect tailoring.

Quilted Jackets

Quilted jackets were used everywhere this year, with a variety of a few new versions. Quilted moto jackets, quilted bombers, or even quilted blazers become go-to for those colder days.


Techy Trainers, Clean Sneakers

There has been a series of innovations in athletic footwear. These days the pricey running shoes from different major brands have revolutionized the track and field topography. Techy trainers Clean Sneaker are the best choice for a casual sporty wear.

Luxe Loafer

The loafer has been an amazing update with the hardware addition detailing such as metal snaffles. These loafers coming in different colors are more wearable than ever.