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Fashion and Politics

#Fashion Is #Political

We all are aware of the facts that politics has power as #feminist theory famously posts the personal is political. As the matter of fact what we wear reflects, who we are in many ways. Clothes also determine our ability to gain entry into influential spaces. Whenever #women express an interest in fashion it is usually weaponized as a means of denying access to political conversations.

What makes sense is an admiration for what women or men in power choose to wear. Of course, it's frustrating when media chooses to focus so much attention on #wardrobe choice, and it's imperative to remember the reasons for looking to these women for fashion insights in the first place. But so long as you do this, why not get fashion inspiration from women in politics? Clearly, they know what they're doing. There are several fashionable, female politicians and male politicians who are both good in their work and in fashion:

1: Hilary Rodham Clinton

#Hillary Rodham #Clinton is a first woman elected as first women to serve Secretary of State, Senator of New York (also elected as first women for this designation). Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe choices seem to be fashionable and trendy.

Clinton always chooses to dress in a sophisticated manner as to serve as a sort of model for all the women who will and hope to follow her footsteps. Clinton usually wears pantsuits which makes up her a determined and powerful appearance in a feminine way. She wears bold accessories granting perfect amounts of fashion powers to her ensemble. Hillary Rodham Clinton stands as a legendary American public figure that also happens to know how to work fashion to her advantage.


2: Sonia Sotomayor

#Sonia Sotomayor is an American political figure who stands as one of the most inspirational because of the immense achievement she has. Sonia always keeps her things streamlined and professional with a wardrobe which consists of both trendy and stylish stuff. She has achieved many accomplishments which serve as a significant reason to get inspired by what she wears her dresses consist of tailored dresses top with a fitted blazer.

If talking about her dressing her style trend usually consist of the top which consists of pop of colors with statement accessories. Sonia Sotomayor depicts an unapologetic and admirable boldness through every outfit she wears.


3: Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is a legendary politician as when she moved to California and became a prominent member of Democratic National Committee. Afterwards, she made her to Washington and became a renowned name when she got elected as House Minority Whip in the year 2001 as the first women. Nancy Pelosi always remains in limelight because of her smart and sharp style.

She is a woman who maintains a solid air of seriousness without ever sacrificing a sense of fashion. Furthermore, Nancy has always seemed to stick to a palate of bold accessories and old hues never letting her fashion undermine or overshadow her authority. #Nancy is currently serving as a #Minority #Leader.


4: Justin Trudeau

Who said that men does not care about his looks or does not dress properly? Especially a political to which people look up to. #Justin #Trudeau is a #Canadian Prime Minister has added another feather to his cap as he was featured in the 2016 Vanity Fair international best-dressed list. He never fails to impress us with his #trendy looks. It seems like Justin is considered as a fashion icon. Justin Trudeau is a part of the ranks of A-Listers from all around the world. The dapper political figure got featured in the sartorial besides US president Barack Obama, Helen Mirren, Idris Elba, and Queen Elizabeth II.

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also got featured on the magazine’s website with a series of photos showing him on different attires occasions. These pictures include tuxedo-clad look at political events with a more casual shirt and jeans combinations. As this person is smart and fit he is quite a gym guy he donned a pair of track pants and boxing gloves.