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Top Environmentally Friendly Innovations

There is no doubt about the fact that we have to go a long way in order to make our environment and invent certain inventions that are environmentally friendly. When the trend started of celebrating Earth Day people are getting aware of the damage that is being caused by several products that are used by us.

Fortunately, people are getting aware of this fact that we need to use more and more environmentally friendly products to ensure the safety of our well being. In the year 2016, it has marked the hottest weather to be recorded. The climatic change is quite dangerous for all of us and many countries are working on slowing down global warming by restricting greenhouse gas emission.

These climatic changes are occurring due to certain factors that are polluting the environment. These factors include emission from electrical devices, cars, refrigerators, plastics and many more that are not only polluting the air but also the lakes. On the other hand, an increasing number of big businesses are heralding and producing wastes that are more dangerous and polluting air and sea.

Many companies all around the world are working on eco-friendly inventions a furniture mega brand named as IKEA has introduced sustainable home decor line that is environment-friendly and named it as “live a little kinder”. Food services introduced by Kore Kitchen that also focuses on making environmental friendly equipment.

We all need to draw attention towards making eco-friendly inventions and completely ignore products that are causing and treating our environment. Fortunately, businesses are focusing on developing technologies or products that would enable consumers to live more sustainably.

However, these facts are keeping on concentration while there are certain things are being done by bug businesses that are focusing on bringing eco-friendly inventions. Following are some of the eco-friendly inventions for the future that can be incorporated which will eventually revolutionize our environment and lives in the future.

Solar Cookers:


Warmer days signals for a barbecue party, even when people plan night party barbecue party is a must. The fire up and grill that is being used to make barbecue in coal, spend many hours outdoor that produces carbon. Fortunately, the eco-friendly enthusiast has introduced an environment-friendly alternative that is called as solar cookers.

It is specially designed for food lovers who love to the barbecue which is quite convenient and environmentally friendly. It cooks food in a way that doesn't damage the environment such as and you can fry bake or boil up to 3 pounds of food a time and can be operated either at day or night.

Biodegradable Bags:


Plastic bags are the major cause of damaging the environment because that are being used every time by us and are not being biodegradable are often end up in the oceans.

Plastic wastes found in the ocean can damage the ecosystem too much extent and makes a miserable for the life that poses in oceans. Now the companies are making environment-friendly biodegradable bags from cassava that is safe for the environment.

Air Ink:


Some companies are making efforts to help save the environment by turning harmful chemical by-products that include carbon back to commercial products. Engineers and scientist are working to save the environment by curbing air pollution by extracting car exhaust to produce ink for pens.


They have developed a successful system that is being tested in the form of a device that is being attached to the car mufflers to trap pollutant particles that usually escape through the tailpipe. The particles that are collected through this process are being sent to the residue to be processed into ink that produces a line of “Air Ink” pens. Each pen contains an estimate of 30 to 40 minutes worth of emissions that are being produced by a car’s engine.

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