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Mehndi: A Forgotten Tradition On Eid-Ul-Fitr

#Ramadan is a holy month when #Muslims fasts, pray and remain to abstain from all the social and fleshy pleasures that certainly reflect and concentrate their spiritual life. The fast is observed for four weeks that starts from #crescent moon and ends at the crescent moon. By observing the fast Muslims asks forgiveness from ALLAH Almighty and pray at the holy month of Ramadan.

All of the Muslims observe and maintain their fasts from dawn to dusk for 30 or 29 days however the sick man women are not required to observe fast. After observing fast for 30 or 29 days Muslims #celebrate the festival of Eid that brings love and happiness to their way. The festive celebrated after Ramadan is known as #Eid al-Fitr that is considered as a celebration after Ramadan which is celebrated after sighting the crescent moon.

On this day children, men, and women prepare traditional food and wear traditional clothes as to celebrate Eid as they return to the joys of physical life such as eating and drinking food. Apart from all these #Heena (Mehndi) is one of the important traditions among women on Eid as it defines the symbol of and part of the earthly delight in being alive.


The end of Ramadan is being celebrated with family parties, gifts, street carnivals, new clothing, Eidi, and of course Mehndi. The celebration of Eid al-Fitr is also now as “The Little Feast” and this celebration lasts for at least 3 days. In past many years, mehndi is being one of the most important traditions of Eid al-Fitr that is unfortunately diminishing.

As a tradition from past many years, Muslims women schedule a special trip on Chaand Raat (last night of Ramadan) before Eid and hennaed their hairs, hennaed their palms, fingertips, and soles. Even if women could not go they arrange a mehndi artist to come to their home to celebrate Heena party. With their dears and loved ones such as friends, family, cousins women used to go and celebrate henna party that is a part of the tradition.

Along with this, they celebrate their return to adornment and beauty with cosmetics, jewelry, perfumes, Kohl, and mehndi. The tradition of mehndi is being celebrated all around the world including Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, Algeria, Morocco, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, all across South Asia and North Africa. Along with mehndi they shop for new clothing, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, and gifts.


Since Eid remains a really busy holiday season mehndi takes time to apply and dry therefore women simply get patterns that are less elaborate than the bridal pattern. Some of the women afford the time and expense of a professional artist to have prettier patterns.

Mehndi is indeed a traditional and important aspect of celebrations of Eid that one should not forget. We need to keep the legacy alive with such warm and happy traditions that keep the soul alive and bring beautification to women. So all the women out their this Eid al-Fitr go and have mehndi parties and hennaed your hands to celebrate this beautiful festive season.

Here are some Heena (Mehndi) designs for you!