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How To Survive In Kitchen On This Eid-Ul-Fitr In This Summer

Around 1.6 billion Muslims live throughout the world and in this holy month of Ramadan, they are required to observe fast as per religious obligations. Muslims all over the world observes fast for 30 days and remain to abstain from eating or drinking anything from dawn to dusk. After observing fast for 30 days Muslims celebrate the most glorious and anticipating occasion of Eid-Ul-Fitr in which they cherish celebrate, prepare food, exchange gifts. There are many activities that are being performed during the holy month of Ramadan and then in Eid.

Since the Ramadan is being observed in summer season it is indeed a tough period for Muslims to remain away from drinks and food, therefore, it was always recommended to keep one’s body hydrated while drink lots of liquids and fluids. Eventually, the coming Eid-Ul-Fitr Inn Sha ALLAH will be celebrated on the extreme hot season of summer. The month of fasting finally concludes with Eid Ul Fitr on which there is no restriction and people can eat as much as they want.

On the festive occasion of Eid, everyone enjoys food invite their families, friends, and relatives. The festival of Eid Ul-Fitr merely means as the “festival of breaking fast” therefore, food is the most important aspect of it and it lasts for three days. Summers are here and it's extremely hot hence, it becomes difficult for the women to prepare food and different dishes on the auspicious occasion of Eid. There are many traditional (sawiyan, sheerkhorma, kabab, biryani) and namkeen (samosa, rolls, kachori) dishes made on this festival of Eid.

We all know how much time a woman needs to get prepared for the occasion of Eid with lots of makeup and heavy dress. While preparing dishes for Eid, on this summer season the makeup drains off and makes you look horrible (haha no offence). We are here to sort out the problem that women face while preparing food this summer.

In the gathering of family and celebrations adults talk, children plays and women remain busy in the kitchen while making food. The food item starts from a small snack to large meals. Therefore, in order to organize your cooking schedule set priorities of the things that you need to do. Make a to-do list in which prepare all the meals on Chaand Raat so that it will not require you much time in the kitchen to cook food.

If you want to make biryani you can cook the meat one night before Eid. When the guests arrive just make rice and mix along with the meat. Other than this prepare methi dishes such as sawiyan, sheerkhorma, or kheer early morning on the day of Eid before getting ready. Just start making 2 hours before guests arrive, serve them hot and also keep drinking lots of cold water and fluids.

This trick will help all the women to organize and make all the dishes on time, serving them hot, and remain fresh while keeping your makeup long lasting.