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Amazing Vacation Ideas For Summer 2018

Whenever we get tired or frustrated the first thing comes to our minds is to hang out or have the vacation as it is used to be the number one thought of everyone because that’s the time to indulge with never-ending pina colada and fun.

Most of the people want to spend their summer while having vacations in a better, active, and more adventurous way. Other than this wholesome food, physical activity, along with mindful if being the topmost priority for people who want to go for vacations.

Another reason for vacations at this point of time is because of summer when sunlight and heat make you really uncomfortable; therefore, the place you can go is some exotic beach places that will provide you soothing and refreshing feeling while staying there.

We see many photos on Instagram or other social media pages that have immensely beautiful and breathtaking views while watching this we all feel like going there. So, now it’s time for you to get your passports ready and head out for some amazing destination. Travelling does not just give you mindfulness but also feeds your souls and gives you a relaxation in between hectic routines.

Following are the best seven spots we have gathered for you that is amazing healthy summer ideas.

Tofino, Canada


If you are opting for a healthy travel or vacation then Tofino is a place that is a must visit as it’s the site of wellness retreats. This place is situated in Canada and is also known as the “end of the road” because of its place that is located at the edge of an island named Vancouver Island. Tofino is an absolutely stunning place with remote beaches as it also homes to geothermal pools, lakes, and beautiful mountains.

Through these places, you can soak into waterfalls that are considered as the best of them all. If we talk about food, the food served here is delicious and healthy that is made by innovated and young chefs who promises to deliver the best food. You definitely cannot miss a meal at this place as all are made with fresh ingredients that you will love. This place also has spa and yoga treats with local rich seaweed relaxing treatments and has many opportunities to be mindful.

Ikaria, Greece


Ikaria Island located in Greece is considered one of the healthiest places on the planet as it feeds your soul with breathtaking views. Another fact about this Island is that its one of those five Blue Zone regions where people historically live the healthiest and longest life. The people living in Ikaria enjoy a slow pace of life which is part of the appeal.

You can eat fresh antioxidant-rich wild greens growing on the island of more than 150 varieties such as you can consume vibrant Greek salads daily imagine how amazing this is. Other than this the made from local herbs helps lower blood pressure according to a report and also decreases the risk of dementia and heart disease which is another fact that attracts people to this island.

There are many mountains situated over there that provide countless opportunities to burn glutes also many lakes, rivers, forests, and waterfalls are situated there within the 99 square miles by which you can enjoy surfing, hiking, and climbing.

Cape Town, South Africa


South Africa is an amazing country with best adventurous spots such as Cape Town only place that can challenge Los Angeles or New York because of its yoga studios capital, and wins out on an epic mountaintop vista. Cape Town is amazing for people who want to have a healthy and nutritious outdoor vacation as this place offers equally drenching hike up Table Mountain or Lion’s Head by sunset.

Along with this super doper delicious foods are available at this place including pancakes and vegan burgers on charcoal buns. Cape Town has organic markets, energy healers, naturopaths, over-the-top-spa and stands up paddleboard yoga classes all these in standard fare.

Byron Bay, Australia


Byron Bay is a hippie vibe and crystals place that are just a few hallmarks of this charming town situated in Australia on the northern end of New South Wales. This place is gorgeous from empty beaches to the locals, the surfing, and yoga that are all slew of health-minded and plant-based eateries.

If you are looking out for the best venues there then do check out Folk Byron Bay and Harvest Cafe that is much popular there as it serves more than the ubiquitous Aussie staple of avocado toast. This place is a pleasure and treats to your life with labyrinth Buddha walk is a magical journey as is a dip in the healing, merlot-colored, softening, tea tree lake located at the south of the town.

There are lots of spas situated over there some famous named as Comma, Sulis, and Osprey hence you will never face a shortage of spa as these are top notch favorites.

Malibu, California


Malibu California is the birthplace of surfing in America that is a 21-mile-long stretch of coastline north of Los Angeles. If you want to have some quality or me time then Los Angeles is also an attractive proposition. You can also have custom shaped boats and rooftops from a dreamy new boutique nearby it serving all organic, in a sustainable fare that is an ideal place for you to enjoy vacations.

As we told you that this place is most popular because of surfing but if you are not a surfing person then you can just grab a stand-up paddleboard and meditate in offshore as dolphins and humpback whales play nearby. The plays also have fitness studios, ultra-healthy bone broth, and smoothie shops.

Have you visited any other place like above? Please let us know down below!